Khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review

January 11, 2017


Megastar Chiranjeevi who showcased his power  by creating unbelievable online records has strike the box office to corroborate, ‘Boss Is Back’ with Khaidi No 150. Even the current gen Stars lyrical videos hasn’t achieved 8 million and 10 million views in a short span of time. But Megastar did it.

Amid unpredictable expectations, Boss is here to conquer the box office with his comeback film, Khaidi No 150. Let’s get into Khaidi No 150 Movie Review, “How far the film meet the expectations?”


Kaththi Sreenu(Chiranjeevi) is a carefree crook who escapes from the jail has rescued Shankar, who look alike, in an accident and to escape from the cops he entered in place of him and sends Shankar to jail

Later Kaththi Sreenu who wanted to encash Shankar’s fight for the farmers is standing for them against the Giant corporate company. What made Kaththi Sreenu stand for the farmers? Who is Shankar? What is his fight? Does Kaththi Sreenu succeeded in the fight?

To know, you’ve to watch Khaidi No 150

Analysis:Like Megastar’s powerful dialogue in Indra, ‘Kasi ki poyadu Kashayam Manishi ayyadu, Varanasi poyadu varasa marchukunnadu anukunnara, Adhe Raktham Adhe Pourusham’, ‘Politics ki Veladu political man ayyadu box office ki dooranga vunnadu’ if anyone thinks like that, it is a big mistake.

Even Megastar away from the box office for nine long years, Kingdom of Box Office which has been awaiting for the King’s re-entry has showcased the power of Megastar Chiranjeevi. Yes, King Is Back.

There is nothing to say about Megastar. A King is always a king. His charisma, stamina is forever. Despite many young heroes can do dance well, but no one can match the grace and style of Megastar in dances and fights. Megastar is Dance. Dance is Megastar. He is the only man who brought craze to dance in India especially down south.

Chiranjeevi showed variations in both the characters and his dedication and passion like a debutant is completely visible on the screen. Especially the dialogues uttered by the actor in the interval, pre-climax and climax episodes assured goose bumps. He is as usual rocking in romantic and comedy scenes. His grace in dances and looks makes everyone to google about the age of Megastar. He is young and magnetic in Khaidi No 150.

Kajal Aggarwal has done her part nicely and neatly. She is successful in matching the steps opposite Megastar. Megastar-Kajal’s pair never looks odd and both looks awesome as a pair. Coming to other actors, Ali, Brahmanandam and the baddie Tarun Arora has done their justification.

Tarun impressed as Corporate black hat and stylish, done justice as per the script demand. Ali has notable character after a long time, who is seen beside Chiranjeevi from the beginning until the end.

Technically, Khaidi No 150 is at its best. First and foremost the credit goes to DOP, Rathnavelu has created magic with his work. Each and every frame is rich and beautiful. The way he showcased Megastar in each and every scene, especially in songs and fights is brilliant

Music director, Devi Sri Prasad once again proved his utmost love and admiration for Chiranjeevi by giving rocking numbers. Mainly, Megastar dances for DSP tunes takes the euphoria to next level. The Neeru Meeru song touches the hearts and eyes definitely became wet with tears.

With back ground score, he not only elevated the mood of the film but also Megastar’s heroism. All the stunt choregraphers and choreographers put their best efforts to present Chiranjeevi in style without missing mega trademark in action and dances.

Rathalu Rathalu song by Raghava Lawrence is a delight and the theaters are dancing. In last song, Ram Charan’s cameo amplifies the excitement. Director V V Vinayak who knows better than anyone to present Megastar Chiranjeevi has done his best. He nicely presented all the emotions of Megastar as of how mega fans wanted to see their matinee idol.

It is not an easy task to remake a film, which is sensation in another language. Vinayak nicely adopted the film to Mega style and presented in a way that everyone is enjoying without spoiling the core essence of the film. Everything is finely adopted except for the climax. Climax seems to wrapped up in a hurry. If not, it creates even better impact at the end.

Khaidi No 150 is a delight. King is Back.

Positive Points:

Hats Off! to Megastar Chiranjeevi, whose hunger and passion is completely visible in each and every scene. He is icredilbe in dances, fights, emotional scenes and comedy.

Both dance and action choreography

Rathnavelu DOP, DSP music

Lawrene Rathalu song

Ram Charan cameo


Negative Points:

It's not time to look out for negative's, it's one man show, Megastar's magic all the way. Climax seems to wrapped up in a hurry


Khaidi No 150 is a sheer delight to fans and movie lovers to watch Mega action. Yes, King Of Box Office is back to reign.Khaidi No 150 reminisces Megastar in Indhra

King Is Back.

It's ultimate comeback of the Box Office King, Megastar Chiranjeevi.

Rating: 3.5/5