Khaidi No 150 On Hunt For Baahubali Records

January 11, 2017


Khaidi No 150 mega-storm strikes the box office as many records are trembling down.  It has taken the box office in an unpredictable way.

Besides the unanimous blockbuster reports, the way the collections are pouring in is going to set new records in the history of Telugu Cinema.  In USA, it has stunned everyone by surpassing one million dollars even the premieres are not completed.

Based on the pace, it has the possibility to hunt down the records of Baahubali premieres. Baahubali collected $1.36 million dollars whereas Khaidi No 150 collected $1,152,918, till now. Yet more locations to be added.

Lets wait and see, “ Will Khaidi No 150 hunts down Baahubali premiere records or not?”